How is Premier Physician Agency different from a recruiting firm?


The difference between Premier Physician Agency and a recruiting firm is where we place our loyalty with regard to your job search. We work directly for physicians to define their needs, coach them through the process and help achieve his/her individual goals. Recruiting firms work on the opposite side. They work for the employer and are paid to fill an opening. As such, they could care less whether it’s you or another physician who fills their opening. Most physicians also do not realize that there are different types of recruiting firms and that associating yourself with a recruiting firm can negatively affect your chances of landing a job.


Why do physicians need an agent to assist with their job search?


With the demanding schedules that physicians face in training or practice, there is limited free time to adequately conduct a successful job search. As a result, physicians often rely solely on openings found through recruiters or Internet job boards. The reality is that openings that are publicly posted only represent about one third of the actual job market (and most of those are in rural locations). Openings with the best groups in the best locations are filled long before the need to advertise. It takes a different approach to find these positions and that’s our agency’s specialty.


Can I just use my friend/family member/etc. who is an attorney to review my contract?


Attorneys specialize just like physicians. It is extremely important to use an experienced healthcare contract attorney to review your contract. Your contract is worth millions of dollars to you and there are many healthcare specific provisions or clauses that attorneys specializing in family law, estate planning, etc., will not fully understand (particularly with many of the current/upcoming changes in healthcare). In addition, most attorneys will not have access to the compensation or market data that Premier provides to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal in line with your specialty and location.


Is there a fee associated with your services?


Our physician clients do pay for our services. The fee structure is a pay-for-performance model, meaning that the most significant investment is not paid until you have seen the results and successful outcome. The amount of that investment is also tied to the value that we provide and many of our clients have seen a return on investment that exceeds our fees. This includes gaining a contract package that exceeds what they would have received on their own, in addition to getting you in your preferred location with a contract that fully protects your career.


How do I learn more and/or get started?


We are happy to schedule a phone conversation at your convenience to discuss our services and process in more detail. We also encourage you to thoroughly review our website and list of testimonials to learn more about our process and subsequent benefits. To schedule this conversation to learn more or get started, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll contact you at your preferred time or you can call us at 877-623-0259.

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