J-1 / H-1B Candidates

As an International Medical Graduate (IMG) on either a J-1 or H-1B visa, you face unique challenges that can make your job search even more difficult than that of your traditional colleagues. There are also unique legal provisions that must be included in your contracts to satisfy waiver requirements. At Premier Physician Agency, we fully understand the restrictions you’re facing. We have the experience and expertise to help guide you through your job search process to maximize your chances of securing a job opportunity in a desirable location that satisfies your needs professionally and personally.


Our team of experts at Premier will provide guidance on:


Securing waiver-eligible positions in/near major metros or larger cities


Despite what you’re seeing advertised or told by recruiting firms and others, waiver-eligible positions do exist in more desirable locations. The team at Premier has proven success in identifying available opportunities in the most competitive physician markets (e.g., New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, etc.).


Tracking which states still have available waiver slots if you’re on a J-1 visa


Each state has a certain number of available waiver slots each year. There is a federal filing period but each state also has its own process and timeframe for making their waiver selections. For example, certain states fill up much quicker than others. Our team possesses this information to improve your chances….and also knows other methods for securing a position in your desired state, even if all available Conrad program spots are already filled.


Utilizing our knowledge of employers that can or have taken visa candidates in the past


Avoid the guessing game and streamline your search by targeting those employers that can take (or have taken) visa candidates in the past. Limit your anxiety by utilizing our knowledge of who and where you should focus your efforts. With a limit on available waiver slots and high competition in the most desirable locations, you cannot afford to waste time on unrealistic options.

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