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With demanding work or training schedules, most physicians do not have the necessary availability to conduct an adequate job search. You tell us where you would like to be geographically, what you want your practice to look like and we’ll conduct a tailored job search to find just that. The team at Premier Physician Agency will utilize our resources and time to uncover all potential openings that meet your defined parameters. As positions are located, we will provide continued coaching to improve your marketability and review both the positives and negatives of each potential opportunity such that you are able to make a more informed decision.


Why you should use the experts at Premier to assist with your job search:


Avoid working with recruiting firms that have zero loyalty to you and gain a personal advisor for your search


Recruiting firms work for the employer and that is where their loyalty lies. They are paid to fill the opening for the employer regardless of whether or not they place you or another physician in that position. Your Premier advisor works only for you to find the opportunity that best fits your individual needs. Your advisor will work with you to define your job search criteria and develop a strategy to uncover all potential options to pursue.


We can uncover the two-thirds of the job market that are NOT found through recruiters nor posted on Internet job boards


Many physicians mistakenly assume the only available jobs are those publicaly advertised through recruiting firms or found on physician job boards. Part of the frustration expressed by physicians is that most of these advertised jobs are in rural locations. The truth is that there are openings in more desirable locations with the best groups, but it takes a different approach to uncover these openings. The team at Premier has years of experience uncovering un-posted job openings in the most competitive areas coast-to-coast.


We’ll prepare you to beat the competition and “win” your ideal position in competitive job markets


Minor details differentiate you from the competition when you are focused on a desirable location and there are multiple interviews being conducted. Premier Physician Agency will help you maximize your chances of success through CV writing assistance and interview coaching. Having been on the other side of the table, our team of experts knows exactly what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate and will have you more than prepared to put your best foot forward.

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